Let's Do This a Thon!

“Let’s-do-this-a-thon” sessions
Inspired by OpenCon’s Do-A-Thon, we are organizing activities on day one around this model of quickly forming small groups to start getting things done. We welcome submissions on a wide range of topics, problems/challenges, project ideas, workflow issues, theoretical musings, etc. These sessions do not have to be technical in nature, and could include topics such as:

  • Sharing best practices on description of born-digital materials
  • Outreach and advocacy
  • Training strategies for public services staff
  • Tools and scripts that you want to start building
  • Works-in-progress you’d like to get feedback on

We have created a listing of Let's-do-this-a-thon sessions here and are encouraging people to sign up for existing sessions, and/or propose new sessions any time between now and the BitCurator Users Forum. We will also be providing a way for attendees to propose and form sessions on Day 1 of the forum.