Arizona Universities Library Consortium

We, at University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, and Arizona State University, are thrilled to join the BitCurator Consortium because we now have the opportunity to join a community of practice around digital archiving and forensics. All of us have had experience with BitCurator before–whether that was in our LIS education, our previous work, or simply hearing about BitCurator from colleagues and journal articles–but we truly feel that being a part of the BCC gives us the chance to dive into the tool more deeply and the workflows it supports. The great thing about open source technology is the community surrounding it. We will undoubtedly benefit from the resources and governance BCC affords us but we also look forward to the conversations and events we will now be able to partake in with the great folks that make up the BCC! Thank you for having us!
Monique Lassere, Digital Preservation Librarian, University of Arizona

Member Organization Staff