The Membership Committee oversees work related to maintaining and growing the BCC membership base, including developing new member recruitment strategies, evaluating new member onboarding and member offboarding programs, and developing advocacy support for becoming a member of the BCC.

This group also conducts periodic evaluation and analysis of current member needs, and responds to member needs identified by other committees of the BCC.

  • [Matthew] Farrell, Duke University, Chair
  • Jess Farrell, Educopia Institute
  • Joe Carrano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Kelsey O’Connell, Northwestern University
  • Annalise Berdini, Princeton University
  • Hannah Wang, Educopia Institute

Recent Activity

Call for Volunteers: BitCurator Consortium Groups

Jess Farrell, Caitlin Perry

Update: Group Recruitment has been extended until January 31, 2022! The BitCurator Consortium is recruiting volunteers for all groups. Recruitment is open until the end of 2021, and fun onboarding activities will occur in each group early in 2022. Anyone may express interest by filling … Read more →

The University of Toronto and University of Minnesota Libraries Join the BCC

BCC Membership Committee

The BitCurator Consortium is happy to welcome the University of Toronto and the University of Minnesota as our newest members! UTL is already using BitCurator in some of their workflows, particularly for processing born-digital institutional records. They have an active role in supporting and using … Read more →

2021-2022 BCC Peer Mentorship Program

The BCC Membership Committee is excited to invite you to participate in the BCC Peer Mentorship Program! The goals for this new program are twofold: to orient people to the BCC, encouraging them to build relationships and get involved; and to facilitate professional mentorship around … Read more →

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Membership is open to libraries, archives, museums, and other institutions worldwide that seek a collaborative community within which they may explore and apply forensics approaches and solutions to their digital collections.

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