BCC Documentation & Training Committee wins NDSA Excellence Award for Sustainability

Congratulations to the Documentation and Training Committee! Their incredible maintenance work on open documentation and guidance related to the open source BitCurator software and other tools within the BitCurator environment was recognized with one of the first ever Sustainability awards from the NDSA Excellence awards.

This award, new in 2021, and awarded at the NDSA DigiPres 2021 conference on November 4th, recognizes “those activities whose goals or outcomes make a significant contribution to operational trustworthiness, monitoring, maintenance, or intervention necessary for sustainable digital preservation stewardship”. Please join us in celebrating the maintainers and sustainers setting an incredible example for the community:  Amy Berish and David Cirella (Co-Chairs), Satya Miller, Katie Martin, Jess Farrell, and Hannah Wang.

Thank you to our comrades in digital preservation, the National Digital Stewardship Alliance, for honoring and encouraging the BCC’s focus on maintenance and sustainability!