BCC Executive Council Election Results 2020-2021

Jess Farrell | BitCurator Consortium

The votes are in and it’s my pleasure to announce the results of the BitCurator Consortium Executive Council election:

Welcome to our newest Executive Council members, Lauren Work from the University of Virginia and Kelly Bolding from Princeton University. The Council is excited for the next two years with these widely respected colleagues!

Also, congratulations to Farrell who has been elected to a new term on the Council! The BCC truly would not be where it is today without his continued commitments to the community.

Dianne Dietrich’s Council term comes to a close at the end of the month. She has made incredible contributions to BCC over the past few years, particularly as our very first Treasurer! Dianne is a pioneer in both digital archiving and community governance – always willing to try something new. Thanks Dianne for helping us establish this critical community role!

If you are very astute, you may have noticed that we cited two open seats when we first announced the elections process but then recruited three when it came time to put in nominations. Sadly, due to uncertainty around institutional budgeting that we can all empathize with at the moment, Walker Sampson has had to resign from the BCC Executive Council effective in July. Walker has been an integral member of the BCC for many years, working on all facets of the community at one point or another and making significant contributions along the way. Thank you Walker for helping shape the BCC in so many ways, and for leading as President-Elect over the past few months!

The 2020-2021 Executive Council roster is:

  • Laura Alagna, President
  • Amy Berish
  • Kelly Bolding
  • Brian Dietz
  • [Matthew] Farrell
  • Cal Lee
  • Lauren Work

The EC will elect a new President-Elect and a new Treasurer in July. This election will be internal to the EC.

Please join me in congratulating our new Executive Council members, and thanking outgoing leaders for their enormous contributions.

BitCurator Consortium Executive Council. Photos of Lauren Work, Kelly Bolding, and Matthew Farrell