BCC Executive Council Shares Inclusivity Statement

Brian Dietz | BitCurator Consortium

The BCC Executive Council is excited to announce the publication of an Inclusivity Statement, which we developed over the past several months in collaboration with BCC Committees and the Community Facilitator. This statement connects BCC’s goal to cultivate an inclusive and welcoming community where a range of active voices are heard with concrete actions BCC has and will continue to take with regard to our public programming, leadership, and administration. In particular, we recognize that meeting this goal requires intentionally conscious engagement of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color), students and new professionals, and other practitioners from minoritized communities. We hope that this statement will grow and evolve over time with input from the broader BCC community. Community members and event participants with feedback on this statement or actions are encouraged to reach out to the Executive Council at bcc_exec@bitcuratorconsortium.org. We welcome your input.

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