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The BitCurator Consortium (BCC) invites you to explore membership as an opportunity to engage with a growing group of dedicated, community-minded digital archives professionals!

Initially founded in 2014 to build a strong community of practice for the Andrew W. Mellon-funded BitCurator projects, the BCC has matured into a dedicated community of information professionals working together on digital archives, curation, preservation, and forensics topics.

2020 intensified and galvanized how BCC members interact with one another, resulting in increased engagement and new projects. In the last 18 months the BCC…

  • updated our Charter to broaden our focus from digital forensics specifically to digital archives and curation more broadly, better reflecting what the community had already been doing in monthly community calls, in committee projects, and at the BitCurator Users Forum.
  • launched 3 new committees that have allowed us to deepen member engagement, open up the community to volunteers, and strengthen BitCurator user support.
  • published an updated wiki, launched a new website with more resources and information, started a Python Study Group pilot, and re-launched the software development committee, which will provide more direct professional development in software development for BCC members.
  • designed and launched our first all-virtual BitCurator Users Forum! The pandemic-prompted shift from in-person to virtual event led to our most highly attended Forum yet (2x daily attendance over previous years) and continued our year-over-year growth in attendance from our first Forum in 2016.
  • Added a new member benefit to help members quickly integrate into the community: an initial workflow consultation with a member of the BCC Membership Committee!

Hallmarks of the BitCurator Consortium are our welcoming community, our intentional inclusivity of many diverse digital archiving roles, our rich training resources, and our forums for targeted, facilitated conversation and action in digital archiving and curation. The community’s focus is multifaceted, and we cover many tools, processes, and functions that happen outside of the BitCurator environment (examples of our recent community discussions may be found here). If you share an interest in any of these topics, there is a place for you in the community.

We’d love to welcome you to the BCC! Membership is $2,000 per year and organizations can pay for multiple years at once. We also have group memberships available. For more information, please contact

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