Call for Volunteers: BCC Educators Membership Working Group

BitCuratorEdu Project | BitCurator Consortium

The BitCurator Consortium and the BitCuratorEdu project are seeking up to 10 volunteers to serve on an Educators Membership Working Group from December 2021 to June 2022.

The BitCurator Consortium Educators Membership Working Group will pilot and evaluate the feasibility of a BCC Educators Membership tier. The group will pilot a set of pre-defined activities presumed to be of interest to students and educators, then make a recommendation to the BCC Executive Council about if and how to introduce a new membership option or set of benefits for educational organizations and/or educators and students as individuals.

The pilot project plan was drafted by the BitCuratorEdu team and approved by the BCC Membership Committee and Executive Council. The project team will ensure representation from the BitCuratorEdu advisory board, BCC Membership Committee, Executive Council, and the BCC community at large.

The working group will seek to answer the following questions as they pilot activities outlined in the plan. They are invited to expand or revise the pilot plan in order to effectively answer these questions.

  • What activities piloted are of the greatest benefit to educators and/or students?
  • Are there other activities, piloted or not, that would be of benefit to educators and/or students?
  • What is the cost for the BCC to programmatically implement the set of activities the working group determines are most likely to create value for educators and students?
  • How will the community account for those costs?
  • Should an educators or educational membership be organizational or individual? What will be the structure for this targeted set of benefits or membership tier?
  • Based on the benefits proposed by the working group, which organizations (from the BitCuratorEdu Advisory Board or elsewhere) would sign up for an inaugural Educators Membership in July 2022 or July 2023?
  • If deemed viable for both the BCC and potential inaugural members, when should the educators’ membership roll out? What will be needed to ensure a smooth rollout?

The group will meet monthly from December 2021 to June 2022, and will organize their work via an Educopia Slack channel. Volunteers are asked to express their interest in being a part of this exciting exploratory group by November 19, 2021 by filling out the form: