New Member Benefit! Workflow Assessments

Hannah Wang | BitCurator Consortium

The BCC will be offering small-scale born-digital processing workflow assessments on a limited basis in 2021. This will be a member benefit for new and existing BCC members. These workflow assessments will consist of two one-hour sessions with the consultant, the Community Facilitator, and representatives from the member institution. Between the two sessions, the consultant will use the notes and audio recording from the first session to draft a written overview of the current workflow for one content stream. The second session will be devoted to discussing this written overview and reviewing pain points and nearline goals.

These assessments will be offered on a limited basis. Workflow assessments requests from new BCC members will be prioritized, followed by BCC members that have not received a workflow consultation with the BCC in the past, either through the OSSArcFlow project or the 2018-2019 Winter Membership Special.

Contact the BCC with any questions. If you are interested in requesting an assessment, please fill out the Workflow Assessment Request Form.

BitCurator Consortium Workflows. Blue, black, white, and gray squares in mosaic pattern