The University of Toronto and University of Minnesota Libraries Join the BCC

BCC Membership Committee | BitCurator Consortium

The BitCurator Consortium is happy to welcome the University of Toronto and the University of Minnesota as our newest members!

UTL is already using BitCurator in some of their workflows, particularly for processing born-digital institutional records. They have an active role in supporting and using Permafrost, a province-wide shared technology infrastructure that provides long-term preservation. We are excited to hear more about their institutional archives workflows, collectively-managed digital preservation system, and much  more over the coming years!

UMN has been steadily working towards a full born-digital processing workflow for years, starting small and making key decisions that would enable them to build out a workflow. They were among the early implementers of BitCurator back in 2013 as part of the BitCurator in a Box initiative during the software’s grant-funded period. In 2020, they created a new position to coordinate born-digital materials that come to their archives and special collections! 🎉 They are now working to re-deploy BitCurator as part of their growing program, starting with installing the software on a FRED (Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device).

There are a few things that these two organizations have in common. For one, they both employ some amazing digital archivists who have authored community resources and contributed to building communities focused on processing or providing access to born-digital collections. They also both have a goal of bringing in more IT staff from academic libraries into the BCC community and their own work. The BCC looks forward to deepening our engagement with non-librarian staff who support the infrastructure we so rely on!

Please join me in welcoming the inaugural roster from these two organizations to the BCC!

University of Toronto

  • Emily Sommers, Digital Records Archivist
  • Jess Whyte, Digital Assets Librarian
  • Steve Marks, Digital Preservation Librarian
  • Grant Hurley, Digital Preservation Librarian

University of Minnesota

  • Lara Friedman-Shedlov, Digital Records Archivist
  • Carol Kussmann, Digital Preservation Analyst
  • Michael Sutliff, Technology Support
  • Valerie Collins, Digital Repositories and Records Archivist