BCC General Members

logo for Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Kelli West, Digital Preservation Specialist, Voting Representative
  • Sonya Rooney, University Archivist
  • AJ Robinson, Subject Librarian
  • Sarah Weeks, Curatorial and Processing Assistant
  • Treasa Bane, Copyright and Scholarly Communication Librarian
  • Gail Walters, Born-Digital Curatorial and Processing Assistant
  • Robert Manley, Digital Asset Coordinator
  • Sarah Schnuriger, Manuscripts and Papers Processing Archivist
  • Jennifer Moore, Head of Data Services
New Jersey State Archives (NJSA) logo

New Jersey State Archives

  • Tara Maharjan, Electronic Records Archivist, BCC Voting Representative
  • Joseph Klett, Executive Director
  • Danielle Marchetti, Archivist
  • Veronica Calder, Supervising Archivist

University of Michigan

  • Jesse Johnston, Clinical Assistant Professor, BCC Voting Representative
  • Ricky Punzalan, Associate Professor
  • Matt Adair, Archivist for Digital Imaging and Infrastructure
  • Elena Colon-Marrero, Archivist for Digital Curation
  • Steven Gentry, Archivist for Archival Processing
  • Hilary Severyn, Collection Services Librarian

University of Calgary Libraries

  • Elizabeth-Anne Johnson, Electronic Records Archivist
  • Thora Gustafsson, Digital Preservation Technician
  • Marc Stoeckle, Associate Librarian
  • Curtis Frederick, University Records Archivist

University of Toronto Libraries

  • Steve Marks, Digital Preservation Librarian
  • Emily Sommers, Digital Records Archivist
  • Jess Whyte, Digital Assets Librarian

University of Minnesota Libraries

  • Lara Friedman-Shedlov, Digital Records Archivist
  • Carol Kussmann, Digital Preservation Analyst

University of Pennsylvania Libraries

  • Rachel Appel, Digital Preservation Librarian
  • Allison Olsen, Digital Archivist
  • Sam Sfirri, Archivist
  • Sarah Oswald, Archivist
Iowa State University logo

Iowa State University

  • Rosalie Gartner, Lead Processing Archivist
  • A.L. Carson, Processing Archivist
  • Kahlee Leingang, Processing Archivist
  • Greg Bailey, University Archivist
Yale University

Yale University

  • Euan Cochrane, Digital Preservation Manager
  • Chris Bartolotta, Sourcing Manager
  • Gabriela Redwine, Digital Archivist
  • Susan Gibbons, University Librarian
  • Kenneth Seals-Nutt, Software Developer
  • Alice Prael, Digital Accessioning Archivist
  • Rachel Chatalbash, Senior Archivist
  • Ethan Gates, Software Preservation Analyst
  • David Cirella
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Libraries

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Libraries

  • Tracy Popp, Digital Preservation Coordinator
  • Candice Woodrum
Wisconsin Historical Society

Wisconsin Historical Society

  • Abbie Norderhaug, Assistant State Archivist
University of Ottawa Library

University of Ottawa Library

  • Yoo Young Lee, Web and Digital Initiatives Librarian
  • Marina Bokovay, Archivist
  • Satya Miller, Digital Archivist
University of California Los Angeles Library

University of California Los Angeles Library

  • Virginia Steel, University Librarian
  • Heather Briston, University Archivist
  • Shira Peltzman, Digital Archivist
  • Courtney Dean, Los Angeles Times Photographic Collection Project Archivist
  • T-Kay Sangwand, Librarian for Digital Collection Development
  • Sharon Farb, Associate University Librarian for Special Collections and International Collaborations
  • Doris Wang
University of California Irvine Libraries

University of California Irvine Libraries

  • Elvia Arroyo-Ramirez, Assistant University Archivist
  • Audra Eagle Yun, Head of Special Collections & Archives and University Archivist
  • Jolene Beiser, Archivist
  • Zoe MacLeod, Manuscripts Processor
Purdue University

Purdue University

  • Rebecca Richardson, Director for Information Resources
  • Neal Harmeyer, Digital Archivist
Rockefeller Archive Center

Rockefeller Archive Center

  • Bonnie Gordon, Digital Archivist
  • Hillel Arnold, Assistant Director, Head of Digital Programs
  • Amy Berish, Archivist
  • Katie Martin, Assistant Archivist
  • Jack Meyers, President
Smithsonian Institution Archives

The Smithsonian

The Smithsonian is a Group member of the BitCurator Consortium. The following Smithsonian units are members of the BitCurator Consortium.

Member since 2018

Smithsonian Libraries and Archives

  • Riccardo (Ricc) Ferrante, Director of Digital Services
  • Lynda Schmitz Fuhrig, Digital Archivist

Member since 2020

Archive of American Art

  • George Apodaca, Digital Archivist / Digital Asset Manager

Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden

  • Eddy Colloton, Project Conservator of Time-based Media
  • Briana Feston Brunet, Variable and Time-based Media Conservator

National Museum of African-American History and Culture

  • A.J. Lawrence
  • Judith Andrews, Digital Asset Manager
  • Ina Archer, Media Conservation and Digitization Specialist
  • Leah Jones, Photographer
  • Candace Ming, Media Conservation and Digitization Specialist

National Portrait Gallery

  • Luke Moses, Time-Based Media Art Conservator

National Museum of American History

  • Leigh Gialanella, Digital Archivist
  • Alicia Cutler, Digital Asset Manager
  • Drew Robarge, Museum Specialist

Smithsonian American Art Museum

  • Dan Finn, Media Conservator
Northwestern University

Northwestern University

  • Laura Alagna, Digital Preservation Librarian
  • Kelsey O’Connell, Digital Archivist
  • Carolyn Caizzi
North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University

  • Brian Dietz, Digital Program Librarian for Special Collections
McMaster University

McMaster University

  • Bridget Whittle, Digital Archives Librarian
  • Dale Askey, Associate University Librarian
  • Wade Wyckoff, Associate University Librarian, Collections
Library of Congress

Library of Congress

  • Trevor Owens, Head Digital Content Management
  • Kate Murray, Digital Projects Coordinator
  • Phil Michel, Digital Conversion Coordinator
  • Timberly Wuester, Information Technology Specialist
  • Julia Kim, Digital Assets Specialist
  • Kathleen O’Neill, Senior Archives Specialist
  • Chad Conrady, Archives Specialist
  • Michael Neubert, Supervisory Digital Projects Specialist
  • Amanda May, Digital Conversion Specialist
  • Marcus Nappier, Digital Collections Specialist
  • Melissa Wertheimer, Music Reference Specialist
  • Lauren Seroka,
  • Meghan Lyon, Librarian in Residence
Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Wendy Hagenmaier, Digital Collections Archivist
  • Alison Valk, Multimedia Instruction Librarian & College of Computing Liaison
  • Jody Thompson, Head, Archives & Special Collections
  • Ximin Mi, Data Visualization Librarian
  • Fred Rascoe, Scholarly Communication Librarian
  • Susan Parham, Digital Program Librarian
  • Karen Manning, Library Sourcing Specialist
  • Andrew George, Information Associate
Cornell University

Cornell University

  • Michelle Paolillo, CULAR Manager
  • Dianne Dietrich, Digital Projects Librarian
  • Oya Rieger, Associate University Library
Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University

  • Allen Arnoldsen
  • Dainan Skeem, Curator of 21st Century Mormon & Western Manuscripts
  • Tom Wells, Curator of Photographic Archives
  • Cory Nimer, Curator of University Archives
  • Gordon Daines, Curator of Research and Instruction Services and Curator of Yellowstone National Park collection
  • Rebecca Wiederhold, Technical Services Archivist
  • Karen Glenn, Central Processing Unit Supervisor
  • Nathanael Burroughs, Manuscripts Processing Specialist
Canadian Centre for Architecture

Canadian Centre for Architecture

  • Alexandra Jokinen, Digital Processing Archivist

Arizona Universities Library Consortium

  • Suzanne Morgan, Preservation Specialist
  • Elizabeth Dunham, Associate Archivist
  • Sarah Shreeves, Vice Dean
  • Steve Bosch, Librarian
  • Kelly Phillips, Special Collections and Archives
  • Steve Bosch, Librarian
  • Sarah Shreeves, Vice Dean

Consortium Members

  • Arizona State University
  • Northern Arizona University
  • University of Arizona Libraries

BCC Charter Members

University of Virginia

University of Virginia

  • Karin Wittenborg, University Librarian and Dean
  • Milly Crickenberger, Director Library Budget
  • Lauren Work, Digital Preservation Librarian
  • Robin Ruggaber, Director of Strategic Technology
  • Sunny Taylor, Executive Assistant to John Unsworth
  • Elizabeth Wilkinson, Archivist
  • Rose Oliveira, Accessioning Archivist
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, SILS

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, SILS

  • Cal Lee, Professor
The University of Maryland, MITH

The University of Maryland, MITH

  • Patricia Steele, Dean of Libraries
  • Amy Wickner, Electronic Records Archivist
The University of Maryland, Libraries

The University of Maryland, Libraries

Stanford University

Stanford University

  • Michael Olson, Special Collections Assistant Librarian for Electronic Media Materials
  • Glynn Edwards, Head, Technical Services Manager, Born-Digital Program Director, ePADD Project
  • Henry Lowood, Curator for History of Science & Technology Collections and Film & Media Collections
Princeton University

Princeton University

  • Tracy Hall, Library Systems Coordinator
  • Jon Stroop, Head of Library IT
  • Annalise Berdini, Digital Archivist
  • Kelly Bolding, Processing Archivist
New York University

New York University

  • Don Mennerich, Digital Archivist
  • Megan O’Shea, Project Archivist
  • Weatherly Stephan, Head, Archival Collections Management
  • Carol Mandel, Dean Division of Libraries
  • Jamie Cavallo, Budget Manager
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Kari Smith, Institute Archivist
  • Marisa Bruhns, Digital Preservation Archivist
  • Nancy McGovern, Director, Digital Preservation
  • Steven Gass, Interim Director of Libraries
  • Chris Bourg, Director of Libraries
  • Keith Glavash, Associate Director for Administration
  • Joe Carrano, Digital Archivist

Harvard Library

  • Marilyn Dunn, Executive Director of the Schlesinger Library and Librarian of the Radcliffe Institute
  • Mary Samouelian, Manager, Archival Processing
  • Megan Sniffin-Marinoff, University Archivist
  • Melanie Wisner, Accessioning Archivist
  • Keith Pendergrass, Digital Archivist
  • Jennifer Weintraub, Digital Archivist
  • Franziska Frey, Associate Librarian for Preservation
  • Patricia Patterson, Digital Preservation Analyst
Gates Archive

Gates Archive

  • Martin Gengenbach, Assistant Archivist
  • Sally Vermaaten, Manager Archives Solutions
  • Joe Ross, Director
  • Ryan Edge, Digital Production and Metadata Lead
  • Julia Welby, Assistant Archivist
Emory University

Emory University

  • Michael Williamson, Director of Finance and Business Planning
  • Carrie Hintz, Assistant Director for Collection Strategies
  • Kerry Bowden, Coordinator, Archives & Special Collections
  • Brenna Edwards, Project Digital Archivist
Duke University Libraries

Duke University Libraries

  • Matthew Farrell, Digital Records Archivist
  • Naomi Nelson, Associate University Librarian and Director, Rubenstein Library
  • Noah Huffman, Archivist for Metadata, Systems, and Digital Records
  • Valerie Gillispie, University Archivist
British Library

British Library

The British Library is not currently an active member of the BitCurator Consortium. The BCC is thankful for the seed funding support that the British Library provided as a Charter Member, and look forward to working with them in the future.

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