Adding “Why” Questions to the BitCurator QuickStart Guide to Build a Comprehensive Graduate Archival Teaching/Learning Module

Jane Zhang | BitCurator Consortium

The BitCurator QuickStart Guide, designed as a software installation and application manual, provides step-by-step instructions for practitioners to download and run the software tools. As part of the BitCuratorEDU research project, students from the Catholic University’s Library and Information Science Program used the QuickStart Guide to install BitCurator and run several forensic tools in spring 2019. In guiding her students to complete the work and class panel discussion, the instructor came to realize that there are many “why” questions remaining unanswered even though students have successfully installed and run the tools. The proposed lightning talk will discuss some of those “why” questions that can be used in association with the Guide to support graduate-level teaching/learning for archival students.

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