Building a Community of Digital Curation Educators

Jess Farrell, Alex Chassanoff | BitCurator Users Forum 2019

This workshop will be a series of facilitated participatory discussions and activities that will identify answers and then develop community goals that address 3 questions:

  • What are the key current problem areas for the field of digital curation? The facilitator will bring some to discuss and we can add to the list together.
  • What are the top challenges to addressing these problem areas?
  • What are some specific ways that the digital curation community could address these challenges together?

The workshop will begin with a discussion of “who is an educator?” We’ll then discuss 3 problem areas (scaling up institutional capacity, research & development needs, and resources/collective advocacy) and participants will have the opportunity to suggest additional areas of focus.

Next, we will break out into groups that dig into each problem area and come up with deliverables that various types of educators could develop to address the challenges that we face when trying to fix the systemic problems in our field. See the full breakout activity here.

The data produced from this workshop will be used to inform both the BitCurator Consortium’s future work and focus and the BitCuratorEdu project’s 2021 deliverables.

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