Great Question! participant guide

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Great Question!, a staple of the BitCurator Forum, is your chance to ask the community anything related to digital archives and curation.

How can I participate?

Asking questions

Ask a question. It’s pretty simple! These could be questions related to workflows, policies, things you are struggling with, or something you’d like some community advice or guidance about.

You can submit questions by using this form (it can be anonymous):

Past questions have touched on topics as wide-ranging as:

  • Is there a recommended tool for migrating new and old word documents to an archival format?
  • Which reports generated during processing (e.g. PII reports, DROID, file directories) are folks keeping in the AIP?
  • Is it pronounced “Guy-mah-grrr” or “Guy-mah-jur”?

Answering questions

In addition to asking questions, you are encouraged to answer questions. Submitted questions will be viewable at this link and also on screen:

You can answer a question at any time using this form:

You may also answer the question when it is read by the moderators during the event. Use the Zoom “raise hand” button under the reaction smiley emoji icon in the Zoom window. A moderator will then call on you at which time you may unmute (audio only) and answer.

In what order will my question be asked?

During the event we will sort the questions based on progressive stacking.

The progressive stack is a method for giving marginalized or underrepresented groups a greater chance to speak. Participants have the option to self-identify using the question submission form. This identification will not be in public view and any information collected will be deleted after the event.

How will things work during the event?

Moderators will read questions and answers that have been submitted and allow time for participants to answer. Questions will be displayed on screen and available at Participants can continue to submit questions during the event. The event will be captioned live by

There’s a lot to keep track of. How should I organize my computer screen(s)?

We recommend paying closest attention to the activity on this page: which includes the questions and answers submitted through the forms. Keep in mind that you will have to reload the page to see updates. If you have a large computer monitor or a dual screen set-up, keeping the Zoom chat window active is also useful. There will be someone monitoring the chat and highlighting points made in the chat.

Also note if you want the closed captions in view, they will open in a separate window from the Zoom meeting.

We recommend keeping the Ask ( and Answer ( URLs open as secondary browser tabs, in case the inspiration to ask or answer a question strikes you.

What happens to the questions after the event?

Questions and answers will remain available after the event at along with Q&A from previous events.

You can also continue to ask and/or answer questions using the submission forms if you are so inclined!

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