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BitCurator Consortium Presentations

The Other BCC: Appraising and Processing Email

Cal Lee, Kam Woods

Once libraries, archives and museums (LAMs) have established general processes for born-digital materials, they are often confronted with challenges associated with specific file types. The BitCurator environment has long included tools for handling specific data types, including readpst for email stored in PST format. However, … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Documentation

BitCurator Users Forum 2020 Shared Links

Brian Dietz

Looking for a link shared in the chat during a BitCurator Users Forum 2020 session? Follow the link below to see all of the resources shared in the chat over the 4-day Forum.

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

Session 4: Access

Carolina Quezada Meneses, Joe Carrano, Kate Dundon, Jess Waggoner

Talk One: Providing Access to the Christine Tamblyn’s Interactive Digital Artworks: A Case Study (00:00:00) Carolina Quezada Meneses As part of my MLIS program internship this year at the UC Irvine Libraries’ Special Collections & Archives (SCA), I helped provide access to the interactive digital … Read more →

Great Question

Joe Carrano

Open session where people can ask questions to the entire audience anonymously. Anything goes! These could be questions related to workflows, policies, things you are struggling with, something you’d like some community advice or guidance about.

Cultivating skillsets for collaborative digital preservation proejcts (Workshop)

Lauren Work, Laura Alagna

Lauren Work and Laura Alagna Archiving and preserving digital content are inherently collaborative and rely on many different partners joining forces to ensure success. This workshop will focus on helping attendees develop and expand collaborative skills that will be useful in engaging with colleagues on … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

Session 1: Scalability and Automation

David Cirella, Grete Graf, Lynn Moulton, Joanna White

Talk 1: Scalability, automation and open source tools at the British Film Institute (00:01:53) Joanna White The British Film Institute’s (BFI) National Archive recently started a preservation project to convert 3PB of DPX film scans into FFv1 Matroska video files using automation scripts written by … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

Session 2: New Horizons

Elizabeth England, David Underdown, Hannah Merwood, and Alex Green

Talk One: DiAGRAM – the Digital Archiving Graphical Risk Assessment Model: quantifying digital preservation risks (00:00:00) David Underdown, Hannah Merwood, Alex Green The last 20 years have seen a wide range of digital preservation good practice established, from OAIS to the NDSA Levels of Preservation. … Read more →

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