Visual Workflow Diagram Translation Exercise

Hannah Wang

Description This is an exercise that asks students to take a visual diagram of a born-digital archiving workflow and translate the visual elements into text-based narrative, using a tabular description template. This lesson uses and adapts deliverables from the OSSArcFlow project (IMLS, 2017-2020). The exercise … Read more →

OSSArcFlow Guide to OAIS Mapping Exercise

Hannah Wang

Description This exercise asks students to walk through the steps outlined in the OSSArcFlow Guide to Documenting Born-Digital Archival Workflows. The guide assists collecting institutions to begin documenting their born-digital workflows and map them to functional entities in the Reference Model for an Open Archival … Read more →

Cross-Institutional Workflow Analysis Exercise

Rhiannon Bettivia, Hannah Wang

Description This is an exercise that asks students to select workflow diagrams from two different institutions and analyze how they represent human agents, technological agents, and the movement of digital objects. Students will not only compare and contrast these workflows, but also discuss their efficacy … Read more →

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