The BitCurator environment is a Ubuntu-derived Linux distribution geared towards the needs of archivists and librarians.

It includes a suite of open source digital forensics and data analysis tools to help collecting institutions process born-digital materials. BitCurator supports positive digital preservation outcomes using software and practices adopted from the digital forensics community. The BitCurator Consortium provides ongoing support for the development and usage of the BitCurator environment.

Here are some ways to engage with the BCC and the BitCurator documentation maintained by the community:

  1. Read the BitCurator Quickstart Guide to get up to speed on installing and using BitCurator
  2. Check out the BitCurator Wiki for full community documentation on the BitCurator environment
  3. Find community-contributed workflows, documentation, presentations, and case studies on the Resources page
  4. Attend a BitCurator Users Forum to engage with other users of the BitCurator environment – you don’t need to be a BCC member to attend!

Additionally, the resources below may be of interest to BitCurator users.

BitCurator Consortium Documentation

BitCurator Users Google Group

BitCurator Consortium

The BitCurator Users Google Group is where to go for BitCurator user support. Anyone can join! When writing to the BitCurator Users Group with a support question, it’s helpful to also provide your Ubuntu version and BitCurator version (this can be found by typing “bitcurator … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Documentation

BitCurator Support Q&A

Tammy Troup, David Cirella, Dianne Dietrich, Andy Foster, Sam Sfirri, Alison Rhonemus, Jess Whyte, and Kam Woods

The BitCurator community support model relies on: you, the community, the BitCurator Users Google Group for user support, and GitHub to track issues that require development Where can I go for BitCurator support? The BitCurator Users Google Group. The BitCurator Environment Wiki, including the QuickStart … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

Session 3: BitCurator

Jamie Patrick-Burns, State Archives of North Carolina; John Richan and Sarah Lake, Concordia University; Grace Muñoz, UCLA

Leveling Up on Preservation: Using BitCurator Reports to Better Preserve State Archives Materials Jamie Patrick-Burns, State Archives of North Carolina In 2020 the State Archives of NC (SANC) adopted a “levels of preservation” document to standardize preservation actions for electronic records. These actions include generating … Read more →

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