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BitCurator Consortium Documentation

Migrating BitCurator VirtualBox to Hyper-V

Shelly Black and BCC Documentation & Training Committee

Are you looking for an alternative to VirtualBox VM for BitCurator installation via virtual machine? The Migrating BitCurator VirtualBox VM to Hyper-V documentation provides instructions for installing BitCurator for use with Hyper-V. Hyper-V creates virtual machines on x86-64 systems running Windows. Many thanks to Shelly … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Documentation

BitCurator Quickstart Guide

BitCurator Consortium

The Quickstart Guide includes detailed instructions to assist you in setting up the BitCurator virtual machine (and/or installing the environment on a dedicated host) and help you get started with common tools in the environment.

BitCurator Consortium Documentation

BitCurator Wiki

BitCurator Consortium

The BitCurator Wiki is the repository for community documentation on the BitCurator environment. It is maintained by the BCC Documentation & Training Committee.

BitCurator Consortium Roundtable: practice // values : situating digital forensics tools in archives

BItCurator Consortium

A discussion of different experiences mediating between software tools and born-digital materials and the ethical considerations of this work.

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