Session 6

Sibyl Schaefer, UC San Diego | BitCurator Consortium

Facing Climate Realities: Digital Curation and Climate Change

The world is warming at an unprecedented speed and no one is putting on the brakes. A large reason for this is the entanglement of fossil fuel production and our financial systems. This talk will briefly address the economic difficulties and resource limitations of moving to green energy as well as the current climate conditions and latest predictions. After laying the foundation for what the future may entail, the talk will launch into what we can still do now to help steward our materials into a very uncertain future. What does preservation mean when we shift from curating materials for our contemporary communities to curating for those living in the midst of a post-collapse world? How do we select, how do we package, and how do we store digital materials when we can’t expect the basic infrastructure we rely on to exist? And perhaps most importantly, how can we use the values we share as digital stewards to persevere in the face of deep uncertainty?


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