More Floppies, Less Process: the Digital Media Log

Bonnie Gordon | BitCurator Consortium

This talk will discuss the RAC’s Digital Media Log, a lightweight web app that integrates with ArchivesSpace to efficiently inventory digital media items and log digital forensics and preservation activities. The application is intended to track inventorying and preservation workflows in an automated digital forensics environment and harnesses ArchivesSpace’s API to record contextual information. Instead of acting as a canonical source of data about our disk imaging, the Digital Media Log is intended to export preservation information in a way that can be combined with metadata created by digital forensics tools and stored in preservation systems.

In addition to an overview of the application’s features, this talk will focus on the principles and workflows behind the application’s creation. Automating processes and integrating systems in this way means that we can get through our disk imaging backlog much more quickly, but it also makes it easier for archivists who don’t have “digital” in their titles to participate in digital forensics activities.

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