BitCurator Users Forum 2017

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

Automated Processing of Disk Images and Directories in BitCurator

Tessa Walsh

As a means to more efficiently process large-scale digital archives and with inspiration from Jess Whyte’s scripting work at the University of Toronto, the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) is developing a set of software tools for automating triage, SIP creation, and description of born-digital … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

BitCurator Access and BitCurator NLP – Updates and Future Directions

Cal Lee, Kam Woods

The BitCurator environment supports a variety of digital curation activities. The BitCurator Access project extended this to the point of interaction with end users, providing and supporting a variety of access mechanisms. We developed tools that support access to disk images through three exploratory approaches: … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

Developing Improved Disk Image Support in Archivematica: A Project Update

Susan Malsbury, Shira Peltzman

As digital archivists at New York Public Library and the University of California, Los Angeles, we both have a large number of HFS floppy disks in our collections. Our repositories have a focus on collecting in the humanities,and writers and artists in the late-1980s and … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

More Floppies, Less Process: the Digital Media Log

Bonnie Gordon

This talk will discuss the RAC’s Digital Media Log, a lightweight web app that integrates with ArchivesSpace to efficiently inventory digital media items and log digital forensics and preservation activities. The application is intended to track inventorying and preservation workflows in an automated digital forensics … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

Inbetweeners: Developing Guidelines and Documentation to Help Those Who Help the Donors

Mary Mellon, Luke Menzies, Lauren Work

Often, those who are doing the nitty gritty digital archiving and those who are working with donors are two separate entities. In these cases, providing strong guidelines, policies, and documentation to help archivists and curators in obtaining and managing born digital content is key to … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

Lots of Old Onions

Chris Muller, George Blood

Way back in the day, before there was a widely acknowledged set of skills and tools known as Digital Forensics, the boots-on-the ground needed to figure out ways to deal with information from a crazy number of incompatible word processors, minicomputers, and mainframes. The work … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

All Together Now: Introducing the KryoFlux User Guide

Dorothy Waugh, Shira Peltzman, Jennifer Allen

The KryoFlux, a floppy disk controller card developed by the Software Preservation Society, has become the de facto standard for many digital archives for its ability to safely and effectively capture data from aging floppy disks. Although the KryoFlux is an extremely powerful tool for … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

One does not simply keep disk images: ethical, risk tolerance, and sustainabilty issues with forensic disk image retention

Keith Pendergrass

Forensic disk images provide the best means of accurately capturing, and ensuring the authenticity of, all of the data on a physical carrier. However, unexpected, deleted, private or sensitive, and system data introduce ethical complexities for archivists and repository administrators when developing disk image retention … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

The All-Seeing Eye: Digital Archives and Surveillance

Talya Cooper

“Delete the logs” has become a mantra for security experts post-election as organizations work to minimize risk to populations who are often already targeted for surveillance. But what happens when your professional responsibilities as an archivist demand that you preserve the logs? This presentation will … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

Workshop: Diving Deep with BitCurator

BitCurator Consortium

This workshop will be aimed at intermediate to advanced users who have a solid understanding of digital forensics and BitCurator basics, and are looking to extend and advance their knowledge and skills. Topics may include: Repetitive tasks that could benefit from automation yet currently require … Read more →

BitCurator Consortium Presentations

Workshop: Testing the BitCurator Waters

Matthew Farrell

Over the course of the day, attendees in the beginner track will participate in a range of activities meant to introduce the BitCurator environment and prepare participants for the proceedings on Day 2 of the User Forum. The morning will start with a brief introduction … Read more →

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