Workshop: Diving Deep with BitCurator

BitCurator Consortium | BitCurator Consortium

This workshop will be aimed at intermediate to advanced users who have a solid understanding of digital forensics and BitCurator basics, and are looking to extend and advance their knowledge and skills.

Topics may include:

  • Repetitive tasks that could benefit from automation yet currently require human intervention
  • Workflow breakdowns and bottlenecks common to multiple users
  • Functionality that does not currently exist but would benefit multiple users

Depending on the issues and topics gathered from users, deliverables for the advanced track may include user stories, product requirements for desired features, proposed workflow and related diagrams, or scripts and other rudimentary tools for automating tasks.

Due to the hands-on nature of both tracks, participants will be asked to bring a laptop computer, preferably with the minimal system requirements to run BitCurator in a virtual machine.


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