The BitCurator Consortium engages with educators in the fields of library science, archival studies, digital curation, and digital forensics to promote educational efforts around born-digital curation tools and practices.

In addition to the training and community engagement offered by the BCC, BitCuratorEdu (a BCC-affiliated grant project) seeks to address some of the gaps in teaching and learning with BitCurator. If you are an instructor who would like to share your experience teaching with BitCurator or your instructional needs, please contact Also see the project website to find instructional resources.

Additionally, the resources below may be of interest to educators.

Installation of BitCurator VM and Introduction to Disk Imaging Assignment

Karen Gracy

Description This assignment introduces students to the BitCurator environment by asking them to download and install the virtual machine, create a disk image using Guymager, and analyze the contents of the disk image .INFO file. It is a hands-on activity that familiarizes students with resources … Read more →

Datasets Library

Jess Farrell

Description The BitCuratorEdu project team built a library of datasets for educational, testing, and research purposes. The assignment can be accessed via the BitCurator Wiki, below. Learning object type Datasets Learning objectives This learning object might be used in a lesson to satisfy the following … Read more →

BitCurator and the DCC Lifecycle Model Assignment

Devan Donaldson

Description This assignment uses the Digital Curation Centre’s lifecycle model as a conceptual foundation and asks students to identify where they see opportunities to take the Sequential Actions outlined in the model using the BitCurator environment. The assignment is available for free download as a … Read more →

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