BitCurator Consortium Webinar – BitCurator NLP Project

Cal Lee, Kam Woods, BitCurator Consortium | BitCurator Consortium

This is a recording of a BitCurator Consortium public webinar on “BitCurator NLP Project”.

The BitCurator NLP project has been developing software for collecting institutions to extract, analyze, and produce reports on features of interest in text extracted from born-digital materials. The project is adapting existing natural language processing (NLP) software to identify and report on items likely to be relevant to ongoing preservation, information organization, and access, including entities (e.g. persons, places, and organizations), potential relationships among entities, and topic models to provide insight into how concepts are naturally clustered within the documents. In this webinar current versions of BCA Webtools and the BitCurator NLP tools will be demonstrated.

The webinar was led by Cal Lee and Kam Woods from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science.

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