Getting Started

BitCurator provides digital forensics tools and techniques to archives, libraries, and other collecting institutions. The following resources will help you install, explore, and evaluate BitCurator.

For Non-Members

The BitCurator development projects have created resources to help users setup and explore the use of BitCurator.

  1. Read the BitCurator Quickstart Guide to get up to speed on installing and using BitCurator
  2. Watch screencasts, webinars, and presentations about BitCurator
  3. Download the BitCurator Virtual Machine to start working with the tools
  4. Use the BitCurator Wiki for full documentation about the BitCurator environment, including technical requirements
  5. Download the latest version of the BitCurator environment from the GitHub repository

For Members

The BitCurator Consortium creates and shares resources between its members to get the most out of BitCurator.

  1. Videos that offer on-demand training opportunities for member staff
  2. A repository of workflows describing step-by-step how members use BitCurator and how BitCurator is incorporated with other software in their environment
  3. A repository of documentation created by members for their local use of BitCurator
  4. A help-desk for troubleshooting assistance
  5. A members-only listserv,
  6. Committees to further develop the software and the community